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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A game which was advertised by The Learning Company in the manual for Bumble Plot, which was released.

Described as “A brand new type of colouring book for young artists – children learn about colours, hues and matching. Ages 3-6”

This educational game seems to be missing – but was it ever actually released, or did The Learning Company go under before it could make it?

It’s early days, but perhaps you could help?

Contributions: Allan Pinkerton

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3 Responses to Colorasaurus

  1. Hi I cataloged all my backup copies I have for the C64 and I have 2307 games just going through the GTW for the C64 and up to the C’s, I already have 4 GTW but I have a game called Colora which maybe this particular game, I still have all my C64 game backups boxed up in the loft will let you know if I come across anymore.

  2. I don’t know if you are still monitoring this website but Colorasurus was real and released by The Learning Company. I was co-programmer along with Roy Conley and the basic story book was developed by two teachers Green and Costello, I can no longer remember their first names. The program was coded in 6502 assembly language and took advantage of the Atari’s unique graphics capabilities such as sprites (known in the Atari world as player missile graphics. Found an original copy of the program in my personal belongings which led me to do some quick web searches. The product was released in 1983. As I recall it got pretty good reviews but the end was near for the time frame in the personal computer world as the IBM PC had been released and was changing everything.

    • Hi Randy, many thanks for getting in touch and its great to hear that the title did exist.

      Could we just confirm if there was ever a Commodore 64 edition of the game? This is what we found an advertisement for, but haven’t been able to find anything of that particular version.

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