Combat 2004


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Early days it may be as we attempt to find out more about yet another game that never was, we can in fact show a fair chunk of the game via some of its bitmap designs for levels and other bits.

Combat 2004 was only known about thanks to finding a set of images on Darren Melbourne’s disks in 2012. The game of course was to be a modernised version of the Atari VCS classic, with bitmap backgrounds and full colour tanks which could be moved around.

A tennis set level seems to suggest that there was plans for the ping pong based stages too.

Now we say its early days because we need more info about the game, such as who it was for – and who was doing the code and music. The graphics are some of Ned Langman’s early work before he did the likes of Silkworm and various others

It is believed though that the game never got beyond the concept images that we can see here – so it could be case closed before we know it. Luckily we have at least salvaged a glimpse of what might have been.

We hope to have more on this game very soon. For now, check out the screens below.

Contributions: Darren Melbourne

Supporting content

Available downloads

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