Make My Day!

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

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‘Make My Day’ and was another of those Trojan Lightgun games which were being created in the early 90’s as the light phaser games began to get popular. Virgin Mastertronic had already done a series of light gun games, and this was also another title in the series.

The game was to be a side scroller where you shoot gangsters in the street. Essentially it was going to be similiar to the already released Ghost-town with different graphics. This means that the game was likely to be created by the same person who did Ghost-Town – Martin Howarth. We will try and ask him more about the game soon.

More research needed. Sadly we cannot ask Martin more about the game, as he sadly passed away in 2003. Maybe one day his lost graphics will be recovered to preserve the title and his memory once more.

More soon we hope!…

Contributions: Martin Holland

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