Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Cyborg is described by a C16 website as “A shooting extravaganza with a different twist. Two directional movement limits your chance to escape, increases your need for skill.”…

The game indeed was released on the C16, but a C64 version should have simultaneously surfaced, but never did for reasons unknown. Stephen Kellett confirms this, and we are not sure why Rino didn’t release it.

The game is quite enjoyable, and it would be pretty great to see a C64 conversion. Indeed it would be very much like the C16 version, but still it is something that needs preserving!

Stephen offers hope by saying that he may still have the C64 version somewhere. When he gets the chance, we may have something to show you some day!

More to come soon hopefully…

Contributions: Stephen Kellett

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