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Damned is a fairly simple preview (at its current stage) of a walker robot which moves around the screen quite freely, flying around I think because it hasn’t been yet programmed to just walk along the foot of the screen.

It is a very early glimpse of something which isn’t really quite a game yet. It’s not yet fully playable, but interesting none the less.

It was always thought to be an abandoned game, until recently Jason Kelk suggested that Jon Mines is currently looking to finish the game, and it could well be released in the near future.  Jon also got in touch in 2012 via the comments and suggested that the preview was released by a website, NTSC64.com, and had nothing to do with publishing the game.  Threshold were to publish the game it seems, who did a number of games in the late 90’s.

So therefore this one may no longer be a GTW, and a new preview could be on its way in 2012. Here are more details: http://www.arkanixlabs.com/projects.php

Watch this space, and case closed!

Contributions: Charles Haley, Jason Kelk

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2 Responses to Damned

  1. There appears to be some confusion about the label that was going to release this title. The preview was released by a website, NTSC64.com, and had nothing to do with publishing the game – similar to putting a preview on a cover disk. The preview should be credited to Threshold Productions

    Work does continue on the game and hopefully a new preview will be out sometime this year.

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