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29/11/17 – Contribution to confirm coder + link about the development

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A very quick entry for a title which had a very quick mention in a PC Show 88 document given away with The Games Machine issue 10.

The game was to be released by Big Apple Entertainment in 1988, and was promised to be an epic shoot’em up for the Spectrum, C64, Amiga and ST.

Sadly the game never quite made it on any platform.  The only Big Apple game to surface was Oops!   Did the company go under before it could release anything else?

Well, Nick Fitzsimons who was working on the PC and ST ports of Oops said that his conversions never made it due to Big Appel getting taken over by a larger conglomerate, and getting closed down swiftly afterwards due to not making any profit.

Thanks to contributor Bugjam,  we learn that Sarah Jane Avory was the developer and seems to still have the game in some form.  It seems that it got quite far, and there is a possibility that it could even be finished for release in the future.

You can

Exciting times!



Contributions: Iain Black, Nick Fitzsimons, Bugjam

4 Responses to Delphian

  1. I can confirm that Big Apple closed before releasing anything other than “Oops!”, and not even all versions of that. I worked for a company that did cross-platform conversions under contract to a number of publishers including Big Apple, and I coded the PC and ST ports of “Oops!” while a colleague did the Amiga port. I don’t think any of those three ports ever made it to market.

    Big Apple was a sideline of a large holding company with fingers in many pies. As I recollect, the parent company was itself taken over by a larger conglomerate, and Big Apple was closed immediately as it hadn’t yet generated any profits.

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