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Status: Preview, Findability: 1/5

Dimension X is a game from Synapse Software, a futuristic tank-like game sort of like a cross between Encounter and Star Raiders.

Our contributor never saw any ads for a C64 version, however one magazine reviewed it and under the systems it was available for, they listed Atari and C64. The C64 version was confirmed by Wanderer when he got in touch with the game’s programmer Steve Hales:

Did you ever finish the C64 version of Synapse’s Dimension X? Ads were printed in early 80’s magazines but the game never saw the light of day. Any chance this game is around still?

No. It really never got complete. We did have parts of it working, but abandoned it early. The atari graphics hardware could do tricks the c64 graphics chips could not.

Is there any chance of recovering this code? There is a bit of a cult following of C64 users who like to see lost works in terms of old games.

Wish I could. Its long lost.

And so sadly as the search begins… it ends abruptly. The C64 version has been confirmed, but sadly the programmer has nothing of the game any longer and we know that there is not much to find.

We hope to be proven wrong and something turn up someday, but it is looking very very unlikely.

However, in October 2021 – a bizarre upload was highlighted to us by Santiago Cárdenas which had been added to CSDB recently by an odd cracker called “James Future”. The game is corrupt and missing a particular file to run.

We’re not sure if it is a genuine finding or some kind of elaborate fake, but hopefully someone will be able to figure out more from the files. What doesn’t quite add up is the crack date of 1985 and that Steve Hales was listed as the C64 developer, when we don’t believe he did any C64 coding.

We’ve added the preview to the archive for the time being if anyone fancies taking a look.

Contributions: John, Wanderer, Steve Hales, Santiago Cárdenas

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Update history

25/10/21 – Potential preview of the game added, though corrupted.

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