Dragonfly Attack

Eric Ruhl

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Dragonfly Attack is a title which was submitted to us many moons ago, but we never got round to adding due to various things going on at university at the time, and it got a release anyway.

It is an unreleased shoot’em-up done in 1986 by Eric Ruhl from France. It’s design was mainly inspired from a game called "Atlantis" on the Intellivision, and even some of the ships inside the game come from various Intellivision games. Obviously, Eric was a bit of a fan of the Intellivision.

Design was started in 1985 and the game was coded during the summer holidays of 1986 which was Eric’s last year at high-school. It was finished, and saved to a audio cassette, but forgotten about for many years. Eric later uncovered the tape by chance, and luckily everything worked. He ported it
to PC and saved his work, translated it to English and released to the world to share.

It wasn’t really a title planned for any submission to a company, and its a shame… its a nice little game and surely a budget label would have picked this up. But its found now and luckily you can all play it!

Read Eric’s story in his own words in Creator Speaks… but a game entry opened, is now happily closed…

Case closed…

Contributions: Eric Ruhl

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Creator speaks

Eric Ruhl speaks about work on Dragonfly Attack...

"Let me present you an old C64 game.

DRAGONFLY ATTACK: this is an unreleased shoot'em up game that I coded in 1986. The game design is largely inspired from the Atlantis game on Intellivision (a great machine). Even some spaceships come from Intellivision games like Space Armada. The playability is rather good, but lacks a bit on variety.

For the little story:

I started the design in 1985, as a hobby, and completed the coding during my summer holidays in 1986 (It was my last year at the high-school). But at this time, in comparison to newer C64 games and Atari ST games, this game really looked out-dated. So, I didn't even try to submit it to a software
publisher, and it finished on an audio cassette in the cellar... Until I recently fell on it. After converting it to a C64 emulator format, I thought it would be a pity to let it fall once more into oblivion, when there are still so much C64 enthousiasts out there. So I decided to translate the game to English and to
release it as free software.

In some way, this game is also a Game That Wasn't. I hope you will find it worth to be mentioned on the GTW web site. Anyway, feel free to distribute the game, as long as it remains free and

Best Regards"

Eric Ruhl (France).

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