Droid One Plus

Stephen Kellett

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Droid One Plus was a game written by Stephen Kellett with no specific publisher in mind.

The game was to be a crazier version of Droid One which was released on the Commodore 16. If you were to play the game in its Sigue Sigue Sputnik mode, you would have to survive each level for one minute (rather than just survive the wave of aliens for that level) – which was pretty intense. Droid One Plus really turned things up a lot by making it even harder and more intense!

The game was very close to being finished, when a disk crash sadly occured and much of the game was lost. Stephen could not be bothered trying again, and so he stopped production.

As you will also see in the archive, Droid One was not released on the C64 – but was actually completed. At the very least we hope to find the C64 conversion of Droid One, but also some remains of its lost sequel. Stephen has offered hope that he may have remains of his games. We may someday be seeing this and others overall!

We hope to see something of this game soon!…

Contributions: Stephen Kellett

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