Dungeons, Alchemists And Everything


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23/10/16 – Added scan thanks to Paul Morrison

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Dungeons, Alchemists, Amethysts ‘n’ Everything was to be a simple text adventure created in GAC and converted from the Spectrum/Amstrad/Amiga (Amiga we don’t think was GAC related) release of the same name. We have confirmation that a C64 version was infact planned, and even Gamebase 64 have an entry which anticipates that a C64 version may have existed

Apart from details about the actual game from other websites talking about the Amstrad/Spectrum versions, we know little about the C64 conversion or if anything was actually ever started. It seems odd that a simple GAC game would not have got completed or hit production troubles.

The game itself was a typical adventure and described by some as being quite easy and for beginners. It is a bit silly in places and pokes fun at the adventure genre in general. There are also plenty of sexual innuendos throughout the game.

Still very much early days for this one, but here’s a rubberstamped GTW entry so we can find out just what happened to it….

More soon we hope on this title….

Contributions: John Christian Lønningdal, Paul Morrison

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