Alien Breed 3D unused assets and early screens

A quick post thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz, with a series of screenshots and magazine scans showing unused assets and features not found in the final version of Alien Breed 3D. The game was previewed in many magazines during 1995, with some of the most interesting screens being shown in CU Amiga magazine. The first preview is from March 1995:


  • There are different textures on walls later replaced in final version.
  • No visible gun sprite.
  • Different monsters sprites, like green aliens that were removed from the final version.
  • A different HUD design, only similar in scale and in place of first perspective action window.
  • Border on left and right has some alien growth.
  • Bottom part has a nice big icon of player body – unsure if it would be static or animated like the Doom guy face.
  • On bottom right there are big F1,F2,F3,F4 icons – probably for collected keys.
  • On bottom left there are three status bars for energy, ammo and armour (in final version there are only two status bars for ammunition and vitality).
  • On lowest bottom there are two rows for 4 and 8 small icons – probably for collected guns or other items.

Later on in September, the game was previewed again. Now looking closer to the final version:

Grzegorz notes the following differences from the final version, as well as features that now appear that were in the final game:

  • HUD is very similar, but with a few different pixels in upper left corner and on upper parts of status bars.
  • Collected keys are not displayed correctly – all are displayed in one item slot as small boxes. In final version, each collected key took place in one of four black boxes.
  • Gun sprites are now available, but they look different from what was in the finished game.
  • Textures on walls and monsters are the same as in the final game.

In addition to the above, Grzegorz took screenshots from a rolling demo of the game:

He notes:

  • There are the same textures and monsters as in the first preview, but no gun sprites, no bottom HUD – just some marketing slogans.
  • Unique map not present in the final full game.

Grzegorz also took screenshots from the first demo that was produced for Amiga Format magazine:

Grzegorz notes:

  • A similar HUD to second CU Amiga preview article – no gun sprites
  • Textures and monsters are from rolling demo.
  • Unique map not present in the final full game.

Finally shots from a later demo:

Grzegorz notes that this uses pretty much all the final release content, but has a single unique map again, as with the rolling demo and first preview which isn’t present in the final game.

Additional early preview scans



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