Eradicator 2


Status: Full Game, Findability: 5/5

Eradicator 2 has been sitting on our Wanted list for some time now, but never had an entry in GTW until the game’s author came forward!

The game was advertised in the back pages on a CDU compilation disk under the name of "Eradicator". For some reason though the game was tagged with "2" though no first game seems to exist. It is possible that Jason did a much earlier version and redid everything with enhancements and bolted the 2 on the end to signify it was a second version.

This is an effort created in SEUCK, but was one of the very first efforts which had title enhancements. This particular game features a high score, a colourful title screen and other small features. The game itself is a very colourful and well designed effort which makes it one of the better SEUCK efforts seen created with the tool.

It is not quite known why CDU never properly released the game, but Jason mentions that he originally submitted the game back in 1989 and never heard anything back. However, CDU held onto it for many years without doing anything with it and later got in touch around 1990/91 to ask if they could use it on a compilation and offered money. Jason never sadly got paid, which suggests the compilation never got out the door. As a result the game has never surfaced until now thanks to Jason backing up his game for people to see.

Thanks to this game we learn of another sequel, and there could be an earlier version to find also. The 3rd game was not actually done in SEUCK, so those not fans of the tool may be interested to learn about this one!

Enjoy this solid SEUCK effort!…

Contributions: Jason G Doig

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