Eradicator 3

Jason G. Doig

Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Following on from the SEUCK based Eradicator 2 which was due for release by CDU, Jason G. Doig was working on a faster paced bi-directional vertical shooter, but moved on to Amiga stuff before it was finished sadly. None of the game was done in SEUCK and was far more advanced than the previous game done in the tool.

As the SEUCK effort was called "Eradicator 2", technically this is called "Eradicator 3", but Jason was planning to release the game as just "Eradicator"… starting from the beginning as his previous two games never saw the light of day in the first place. This makes it a little confusing, but ah well! :)

Jason’s problem (In his own words) was that he was more interested in the technical side of making games, and to some extent, playing with graphics. Gameplay was often slapped together without much thought at all.

The game only got as far as a single incompletable level. Just how well it looked and played we’re not sure yet, but we are hopeful that Jason will be able to find something of it so we can put it up along with Eradicator 2. Early days yet!

More soon we hope!…

Contributions: Jason G Doig

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