Evolution Cryser


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Thanks very much to Peter Weighill for highlighting this long lost game from Kingsoft.

Unfortunately we haven’t got anything to show apart from a screenshot scanned in for Gamebase. It depicts a game in similiar vein to Delta and possibly other SEU’s of that time. Just how the game played we’re not too sure.

There is a possibility that the game was written by someone who wrote previously for Kingsoft, but we’d have to do some major digging around to find out.

It would be nice to try and find this one and preserve it, even if it only got to a demo form. But what did actually happen to this game?… Was it completed?… was it any good?

Well, the game was actually released on the Amiga back in 1989 by Kingsoft, and the game was written by Gunter Kramer. Markus Schneider kindly got in touch and confirmed that he did the game, and it was also released.

Sure enough, thanks to contributor Lenny Bronstein, we learn that the game was reviewed by ASM magazine (October 1989). So it should be out there somewhere, but is currently missing.

Another obscure title in the archives to be solved…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Markus Schneider, Lenny Bronstein

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Update history

  • 07/12/21 – Added review thanks to Lenny Bronstein
  • 07/12/14 – Potential lead and Amiga link made.
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