The Fall Guy V1

Elite Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry to confirm that there was another version of The Fall Guy in production for Elite Software in the early days.

The coder was Steven Green, who isn’t the same person who coded 1942 for Elite by the way.  So why was his conversion dropped in the end?

Well, Steven tells us that the game was never completed, as it didn’t seem to have good game play – so Elite did their own version internally. Steven recalls it being a sideways scrolling game, where you did stunts, and there was a level jumping over things on top of a moving train.

Sadly, Steven lost pretty much all his work in 1998 when he had a house fire, so its unlikely anything of the prototype will be saved – unless by some miracle someone else had a copy.

Contributions: Steven Green

Supporting content

Update history

19/12/23 – Coder talks about the game.

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