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One of the big surprises of working through Cory Kin’s disks, was the sheer amount of bits and bobs found that were written by Carl Coffey – who was the man behind Wheelies and the aborted Soldier of Fortune.

Flok is one of those surprise findings, and is a early game of Carl’s which seems to have been written around 1985-1986 time. It is a fairly simple space shooter where you fly a large ship over a simple city scape below.

It’s possible that the game was an advert for Carl’s skills, which sadly we never got to see much of on the C64. The game is not too bad, so was it actually intended for a software label? How come this one hasn’t sneaked out until now?

We hope to speak to Carl some day about his work, but for now check out this new game!

UPDATE – Michael from Gamebase64 has confirmed that the game seemingly got a release in limited form by Your Computer. The Spanish edition at least having a copy … http://ver1.commodoremania.com/yc.htm

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27/02/15 – Gamebase64 confirm that the game was released!

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