Future Shock

Sphinx (?)

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Future shock is a very early preview, containing a few detailed organic landscapes and nothing much else. The ship can move through objects and there are no other creatures to kill or find.

The game was actually to be a conversion of a game of the same name from the Amiga platform (Thanks Gaz Spence!) , and which was given away with Amiga Fun magazine on one of their covermounts. The game was a sort of Cybernoid clone.

Looking at the entry on Lemon Amiga, you can clearly see how close the C64 version was looking – though the C64 version still had a lot more work required.

The preview seems to have a strange ship, which might not be the intended sprites – as looking within the sprites for the preview, there is another ship sprite which looks more like the one used in on the Amiga version. There is no dinosaur head though!

Be warned, but the preview is pretty glitchy and can crash – but there are a few screens to see.

Now the question is whether the game was by the same development team, and if it was being developed at the same time. Maybe the game was being developed for both platforms with the intention of selling to C64 Fun as the C64 edition?

A lot more research needed, but a lot closer to solving this mystery! Does anything more exist? Why was it cancelled?

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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03/11/14 – Link to the Amiga game made thanks to Gaz Spence! (see comments)

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  1. This is a conversion of a game that featured on an Amiga Fun coverdisk. It might well have been been produced by the same team given that a number of the German crews dabbled with both machines.

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