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Also known as: Game 94/95

Not so much a title as the year this unfinished game was worked on, CyberCore was a project by the C64 sceners Carrion and Zephyr, the latter from a group called Inflexion Development that dissolved in 1993.

According to Carrion, who has posted two screenshots of the game on the C64 Scene Database, the game would have been a shoot-em-up in the vein of the famous Galaga. The screenshots represent in-game graphics that would appear every four levels.

The first screenshot shows an alien landscape, the second showing a castle set atop a mountain, with a pair of eyes floating in the sky behind it. Both screenshots show a power bar and a life meter, along with an image of your character.

It was presumed that nothing else remained of the game, or we could expect that Carrion would have posted it with the screenshots. However, Carrion mentioned that there was possibility of more screenshots and screen tests of baddies and various bits and pieces… and true to his word, these were dug out in July 2013 – which you can download from here!

Given the high quality of the screenshots it would be a shame if nothing else existed, if the arcade section of the game captured the same quality and atmosphere the screenshots create then it could have been something special. It is not known how much code was ever done for the game, but we hope to find out soon.

For now though, it looks to be an open and shut case.

Go check it out…

Contributions: Carrion, Jazzcat

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Tomek Mielnik talks about work on CyberCore:

“It was 1994 when Zephyr/Inflexion and I started working on this game. Unfortunately we haven’t finished it. In 2009 I’ve found some level graphics for this game on my old 5,25” discs. Few days ago I’ve found the rest of the graphics created by me for this game. Two other levels, bosses and logos.

This game was supposed to be a Galaga-like shooter with some bosses at the end of every world. Each world had it’s own background graphics. different alien types and bosses. What you se below are the pixels I’ve found in 2009. Following are the newly found pictures and other graphics.

As you see the game was supposed to be named Cyber Core – yeah I know ;) “¦ Actually I can’t remember why we stopped working on this, as graphics was actually finished IMO. We probably started playing with our Amigas or started the studies. That’s most probably what happened. Anyway enjoy and let me know what you think.


If you think this is something you could use and finish the game”¦ just let me know I’ll be more than happy to provide all source files for the game graphics.”

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