Destruction Bros


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

A rather exciting sounding game comes in the form of Destruction Bros. A rather ambitious project aimed for the Cartridge format, possibly under Thalamus (Who never released anything on cartridge in the end).

The game was to feature effects not really common on the C64 (possibly those seen later in Mayhem), with two player simultaneous action with super weapons to smash and cause general chaos.

According to Apex, it was to be something rather special, so we assume that they had something running which was shaping up rather well. We believe the cartridge option would have taken advantage of the instant loading to include features rather uncommon to a standard C64 game…. no doubt Apex would have
pulled it off what ever the eventual game would have been.
Not much else is actually known about the game’s plans at present, but we hope to find out more soon.

As the Cartridge market died out rather spectaculalrly, so did the idea of Destruction Bros. Possibly the idea may have been fantastic, but too fantastic to work on standard tape/disk. The game was scapped, and nothing ever heard again. Apex said the following about the game… "Planned for release on cartridge, it was scrapped owing to the dwindling cartridge market. The game was to feature super-bitmaps, a 128 sprite multiplexer, and a pseudo eight-voice sound engine… OK, we’re dreaming again. Seriously though, it would have featured simultaneous two-player super-weapon-wielding action. Basically it was the bee’s knees – all six of them."

With Apex having all their disks packed well away, and as they venture fully into mobile game development, chances of digging up anything is very remote now. Maybe one day?….

Check out the screenshot… this could be it….!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Mort

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  1. bugger….. still, with cartridges making such a comeback. who would have thought that ! any chance ???

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