Grell And Falla


Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Another Codies game which came too late, this time coded by the man behind Bee 52, Nick Taylor. Or so it seems, as the game was actually released on the Amstrad and Spectrum platforms, the spectrum version complete with inlay scans and links to reviews can be seen on the World of Spectrum site here…

Grell and Falla involves the two characters and the game is similar to Flimbo’s Quest and Wizard Willy in certain aspects. The basic story of the game is that the enemies are poisoning the soil, and your job is to clean it up and plant flowers to make the place more beautiful.

The game features some fair graphics, and some early music by 4-Mat, who many of you will know as Mat Simmonds who does the odd bit of music for Cosine nowadays.

Codemaster’s demise on the C64 scene is thought to be the probable reason of this game not being released. Poor Nick had the same problem with Bee 52, which he sold himself.. Strange that Nick didn’t try to sell this with Bee 52, maybe he didn’t like the game.

When we asked Nick, he tells GTW that it was a conversion job from the Spectrum that was not ever meant for individual release, but for a compilation that never quite materialized. Sadly Codemasters never released the game in any shape or form for reasons we don’t quite understand – mainly because they continued to release games into 1993. And its quite a good little game too!

Another strange thing is that even though this game made the Early Warning scanner of Commodore Format, the game never actually got reviewed in any magazine.

Also recently it was found that Codemasters allowed Gametap to distribute the game on their website. Really bizarre!

It’s here though, and spot 4-Mat’s early C64 music in the game (Neil Crossley style). A nice little game, not as good as Bee 52, but nice…

Contributions: Nick Taylor, Frank Cifaldi

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  1. To pass a level you have to punch/fire at each of the enemies. You alternate between the bloke and the fairy by pressing Return. You can pass just by beating up all the creatures (turning them eco-friendly), but you won’t earn any wages.

    The fairy drops magic dust on the soil to turn it green, the bloke plants flowers (this earns you extra wages). For these and all other functions, (especially firing at enemies) hit down & fire. You can cycle through functions by hitting F1, the current one being in the middle.

    The red flowers seem to grow on both green and brown soil, whilst the purple ones only seem to grow on thick brown soil that has been converted to green by the fairy. Extra flowers/dust/spells/power ups can be bought from the shop.

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