Ground Zero


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Thanks to Peter Weighill for the heads up for our next title. Ground Zero is a US based game which was described in its Nanosec advert as follows:

“The ultimate nuclear war simulation. Fast action and realistic arcade quality 3-D graphics make GROUND ZERO a must. From launch through space and back to earth, destroy the ICBM’s and save Washington from destruction. Multiple Hi-resolution screens, speech synthesis, fast action, and 3-D arcade quality graphics”

And from the looks of the various screenshots that came with the advert, it looked pretty good too!

But what happened to the game?… Well, two other Nanosec games did seem to make it, but this and Math Farm seem to have got lost somewhere in time.

Did Nanosec go under just before those two games could get released? We are not sure, but luckily we have some developer names attached and hopefully we will find out more soon.

Could it just be that this is a very obscure game yet to be fully preserved? Do you have it in your collection?

More soon on this one we hope!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Roy Tharle

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