Gun Fury

1997 Binary Emotions

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Described as a thinking man’s shoot-em-up, Gun Fury was a late Amiga release that was due from Binary Emotions, and to be published under the Guildhall Leisure label in 1997.

gun fury shot

The aim of the title was simply to repel waves of alien invaders with your tank. The aliens are in various colours, and as you shoot one, your tank turns that colour and then you can only shoot another alien of the same colour. Essentially the game was very similar to Zoop, which was released on platforms including the SEGA Mega Drive.

CU Amiga magazine was sent a small preview of the game, and it seemed that there wasn’t that much left to do. The game reportedly had been in development for over a year and a half, and Binary Emotions were so convinced the game would do well, that a sequel was in the works too.

After the release of the likes of Minskies Furballs, according to Hall of Light, there were issues over the release of the PC editions and various delays which finished off Binary Emotions. It is quite likely that Gun Fury was caught up in all of this.

Development was by Clive Minnican, with graphics by Ian Jolly and music likely by Ian Jolly. Game design would have been by Andy Jolly too. This gives some initial leads at least to try and chase up to find out more about the title. As Galahad/Fairlight rightly points out though – 1997 was simply too late in the life of the Amiga and wasn’t paying the bills at this stage.

The game was advertised in a lot of magazines as “for sale”, though we haven’t yet found a review to suggest the game was properly finished and released. If you know anything more, then please do get in touch. Hopefully something of the game can be found in the future from the creators.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for highlighting, Galahad/Fairlight for credits and for the scans.


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