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Also known as: Predator

A short entry for a title that was flagged up thanks to Ross Sillifant.

Gung-Ho! was a title that was drawn up and story-boarded by Tim Best, which was set in the jungle and lots of shooting. Activision managed to see what Tim was proposing, and liked what they saw.

Recently at the time, Activision had got the Predator licence, and got System 3 to code the game. Tim changed some of the specifics to fit the new brief.

But what of the original game? Was anything ever started of Gung-Ho!, or was this just a series of story boards produced initially? It seems it could be that way – as Predator was outsourced (excuse the pun!) to Source development studios, who did a few bits and bobs for Activision. Had Gung-ho! already been started, surely System 3 would have finished the development work for Activision?

Hopefully we will get to find out in the future!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant

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  1. Fingers crossed you do find out more Frank :-)

    This could join likes of Dan Dare III (starting out as Crazy Jet Racer ), Silent Hill 4:The Room and Silent Hill SM (both originally stand alone horror games adapted to suit the S.Hill franchise) as games that underwent a hefty period of change to suit a publishers needs.

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