Hangman Deluxe

SecTech Developments

Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

Not too much to say about this preview, apart from that its Hangman, and not really a good one at that.

There is no hangman sprite to indicate how many lives you have, just a flashy little logo at the top and a horrible red main screen to type letters into.

If you like Hangman, then you may enjoy this one, and its got plenty of words to keep you going for a little while. I prefered the version that Commodore gave away with their Introduction To Basic pack back in 1982! :)

Thanks to Gaz Spence, we can confirm that the game has surfaced in its full form on Gamebase 64 and can be grabbed from here: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=3400&d=18&h=0

Case closed!

Contributions: Gaz Spence

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