Hollywood Poker

Diamond Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Apparently not to be confused with the release by Golden Games back in the same year, or is it? … We’re not too sure, but it seems a co-incidence that there would be two Hollywood Poker games released around the same time. Later on in 1989 it seems that Reline also released a Hollywood Poker game called Hollywood Poker Pro.

We believe that this game could be the Hollywood Poker Pro game, as ReLine also released a game called "K.A.O.S", which was a Diamond Software game too. It could be that the game was heavily beefed up and released sometime later (Maybe the original game didn’t feature digitized pictures?)

We have no clue what has happened here exactly, but we are guessing that maybe ReLine took over Diamond at somepoint, or were the same company. The only game in Gamebase listed under Diamond Software, is Diablo which you will see on the scan.

Seems like we need someone from Diamond/Reline to find out more… are we looking for an early version of the poker game (from its Diamond Software days) or is it exactly the same game, and therefore another case to close?…

Do you know more about this one?…

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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