Hobey Joe

Carl Coffey

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very quick entry, and which was ever so briefly mentioned by Darren Melbourne when discussing Carl Coffey’s programming past.

Carl as you may recall is the programmer of the first version of Soldier of Light, and also of the enhanced SEUCK game called Wheelies.

His talent was apparently very good, and even in 1984 the talent was evident in a game about a winged Gyphon type creature called Hobey Joe.

For reasons unknown the game never surfaced, and has gathered dust for many years.

However in recent times we have been in touch with Carl and as well as hoping to recover more of the first version of Soldier of Light, we are hoping to recover this promising game too!

For now we wait and hope that something is recovered.

What happened to this game?

Contributions: Darren Melbourne

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