Hot Rubber


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A rumoured title from Empire, the little known C64 games crew. It has been found however that this was a game being developed on the C64 by Palace software, around the same time that Barbarian 3 was being produced.

Hot Rubber was a 3D motorbike racer, with a behind-view point of the racer. A very ambitious game for the C64, but one that failed miserably even on the 16-bit versions.

The game was mentioned in various places and in particular in Commodore Power issue 1, page 10 – whom said…

"The game… has the unique feature of allowing a 2-player option, which has never been done before. It will be out on the roads in November"

The C64 version as you may guess, never surfaced and has now become somewhat of a mystery. It’s very likely that it was found to be too hard to make a conversion, or that Palace Software went under before the game could be released. We believe that the company went under soon after the game was released on other platforms, and we all know that C64 titles took a back seat compared to the 16-bit versions in the early 90’s with developers.

We need a lot more information on this game, but we hope to find something more out soon. Can anyone help with credits?

More information needed on this game…

Contributions: Jazzcat, + Unknown (Contact us!, Andrew Fisher

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