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Illusions was to be a Intellivision game conversion to the C64 by the Mattel Electronics France offices. It was scheduled, but apparently never worked on, though it was given an id of #7857 on diskette.

The catalogue entry for the original Intellivision game (Which also never got released) described the game as follows:

“The enchanted mirror splits you into multiple images. You must become whole before time runs out. Changing stairways and folding cubes with SuperGraphics try to keep you from safety.”

Essentially from a batch of prototype games from the French development offices, Illusions was picked as a winner and given the green light for development.

The game had a working title originally of Escher, mainly due to the multiple game screens being inspired by the mad designs by Dutch lithographer M.C. Escher. Only the Colecovision version was complete after Coleco brought the rights and released it.

According to the Intellivision website, little or no work was done on the C64 version of the game. But then one of our contributors (see comments) found it tucked away on Gamebase 64 … so it seems it was sold in some shape or form?

Not quite case closed, as we need to confirm if it was released, but here is the Gamebase entry for now:

Contributions: Jack Luminous

Supporting content

Available downloads

Update history

13/09/17 – Entry found on Gamebase. Keeping open for now.

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