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Another fleeting reference to an unreleased C64 game here, this time found in Zzap Issue 13 (Page 92, no less!). The text is quoted below:

It has a broadly Ultimate type look and feel, however the graphics are stronger and more detailed. The 3D is very realistic, with FULL perspective throughout. In achieving real smooth 3D animation more than 16,000(!) different sprites are generated. Movement is totally free, one can climb, pick up objects, throw objects and fire guns – using the joystick alone, and with ease.

Before you get excited at the thought of a piece of unreleased C64 software to rival anything released during its heyday, bear in mind the issue of the magazine, May, meaning it was released in April. Was this an April’s Fool Joke? The reference to 16,000 sprites seems ludicrous enough to suggest it is, but then if it is why didn’t they reveal it in the next issue?

There’s nothing much else to say about this as nothing else is known about the game. One for the archives I think, as unless someone who worked at Microclassic at the time comes forward with more information, or the reviewer of the piece can remember any information about it (I.E. Actually playing/seeing the game rather than being told about it from Microclassic) it seems like this is a total dead-end for now.

Can more be found out about this game?…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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