Tomb Raider Anniversary

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2006 Core Design

Platform: PlayStation Portable

Just a short post for now to share details of Core Design’s cancelled version of Tomb Raider Anniversary (thanks to Ken Knight for the heads up). This is a GTW that could be close to seeing the light of day in some shape or form, but may need your help…

To summarize, for the 10th anniversary – Core Design were doing a new remake, but was shut down by Crystal Dynamics. More details about the history of the development can be found here:

As well as tons of information here:

From the development, a hard-drive was donated with various assets and code to Ash Kaprielov, a huge fan of all things Tomb Raider related and who manages the wonderful site above.

Permission was then sought from Crystal Dynamics by Ash, and a firm “no” was given from their legal department. Ash is now after your help to sign a petition to try and allow for the release of remains of the development to the fans. However, some suggest that the petition may need to be taken to publisher Square Enix instead to have more of an impact.

For more information and details (and if you want to throw some support their way), please check out

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