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A nice looking puzzle game, which i’m not quite sure what you have to do, as the game comes with no instructions. The game’s author has however given some hints about playing the game in his Creator Speaks page.

On the gridded screen, there are some well drawn shapes which have been cut out of some coloured blocks, and there is a main game arrow to move the blocks, but its from there where things get a little cloudy.

It has been recently learnt that the game was actually finished and released for the Amiga and PC, but was never actually officially started on the C64. The programmer, Ferenc Veres, liked the game so much he decided to do his own version.

From what has been done in this preview, its a very impressive conversion and nearly exactly the same. It is likely that this would have been published, had the game been finished.

The game seems to have got to a later stage, and it has even been quoted that the game was actually finished. The sources have been confirmed to still exist, and GTW is trying to see if its possible to see the final game itself.

Time will tell, but promising signs with this particular title, thanks to the detective work of Viktor Varga.

Promising, and still puzzling…

Contributions: Viktor Varga, Ferenc Veres

Supporting content

Available downloads

Creator speaks

Ferenc Veres speaks about work on Ishido...

"This is a debi game. Yes, i wrote it. Only this preview exists, for the final version only it needs some kind of menu and some kind of storing the high scores after the game ending, or playing it further for more points.

I had seen this game in a hungarian computer mag called "576 kbyte", there was a screenshot, some descriptions, but it was only for Amiga and PC, and liked it, but I had only C64, so i had writen it for c64.

The game gives randomly a shape with colour, and you should put them on the table.

Joining orders are:

1 neighbour - color or shape
2 neighbours - 1 color and 1 shape
3 neighbour3 - (2 colors or 1 shape) or (1 color and 2 shapes)
4... cant remember...
The rules are simple.
Maybe there is a "hotkey" in the preview for help.

[This hotkey is the Commodore key]

[i checked the preview, the scroll said the music is missing, and some graphics. and there is a still screen with the rules in itafter the second intro lamp for hint (you get half points if you put the block there) flashing icon - buy new shape, you can only when you cant put the actual on the table and it cost 2 points.]

At the end of game you should buy new titles, but for points, so one should decide to play forward, or stopping on that state, with higher points.

So this is why is mandatory to store the high scores.

The graphics was made by me, the music is ripped out from somewhere.

Thinking about finishing the game? I don't know. Ther is one million thing i should do on c64, but i can't manage it into my time.

Yes, I have them somewhere, but i dont know, where. On CD, on floppy disks, on ide64 HD?
It is 100% i have the sources."

Ferenc Veres.

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