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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title that was briefly listed as coming soon on the back of another released game.

Karate was one of a series of games from KAB Software, which seems to stand for Kevin A Burk software. Kevin developed all of the games with his own company, and Karate was to follow a 3D Boxing game, along with a Wrestling game.

The Wrestling game did actually see a release – so we are unsure as to why the Karate game never made it. Was it even started, and is there actually a full copy out there to be found?

More details needed!

Contributions: Asphodel

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    • Hi Asphodel, I couldn’t see any mention of new titles? Or do you mean just in general they mentioned a new release was due? :)

      • (sorry just read it) . What I meant was that on the back of the skateboarding game from KAB it’s mentioned that it’s the first (vol.1) of upcoming releases coming in ’87.
        The wrestling and Boxing game were from ’85 and ’86

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