Kid Saviour

Roy Fielding

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Kid Saviour was to be a Giana Sisters clone by Roy Fielding, who did some music work and also did Hectic 2 back in the early 90’s.

All the hard work according to Roy was done, with decent collision, scrolling and sprite animation – but he never got to finalize the baddies or the maps/levels. It just had one test level overall.

Sadly Roy swapped his C64 back in 1992/93 and gave all his disks away with it, so the source is sadly lost. However there has always been faint hope that a preview could be found.

Mike Berry once had it, but sadly couldn’t find it. He has kept all his disks, and Roy sent him a copy of the test level many moons ago.

However, it seems the preview was finally uncovered by Joachim Wijnhoven in 2013. The preview was oddly discovered on a disk from Paul Kessels. Paul sadly cannot recall anything about it.

At first it wasn’t known what the game was, as there was no labelling, but at the end of the map – the map spells out “Toy”, which was the handle for developer Roy Fielding who did some work for CP Verlag. Paul worked on Blond Blubber, another unreleased game – which was meant for CP Verlag.

A connection was made, and it was established that this was indeed Kid Saviour. Overall, we have a very early preview – sadly not too playable … but enough with a main character that you can run and jump with. Worth checking out.

Roy confirmed that the title was his, and sadly this was as far as it got! No more was really produced, and he was surprised that the demo got out there.

Interestingly, an early Kid Saviour demo from 1991 was discovered in CSDB, which was complete with graphics from Hektic 2. Suggesting that Kid Saviour eventually turned into Hektic 2, or the engine was just used as a test (Though Hektic 2 came out in 1992!). We’ve added it to the archive for posterity anyway!

Well, we’re glad its saved and finally it is a open and shut case for this game!

Contributions: Joachim Wijnhoven, Mike Berry, Roy Fielding

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Update history

30/10/14 – Added strange Hektic 2 preview titled as Kid Saviour.

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2 Responses to Kid Saviour

  1. Well, I’m amazed something survived as I didn’t think I’d sent anything to anyone.
    However, I’ve checked out the download on an actual C64 and yes, it was something I started many years ago :)

    It is basically just the collision detection for the main char along with some text blocks and scrolling. Not much to it I’m afraid.

    I had high hopes of doing a Gianna Sisters kinda thing, but alas, nothing came of this.

    Looking at it now though, it was probably best left. A lot rougher and basic than I thought! LOL

    It’s been great to see it again though. A bit like an old friend has popped in to say hello.

    Great find guys…

  2. WOW! That’s a great little find. I love the main character sprite :) Very cute.

    Pity there’s not much to it though :(

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