Kill Your Brain


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A nice looking preview of a puzzler with a strange name…

This is another clone of the simple ‘Pairs’ concept, with nothing really new to add, apart from a different front end.

At the time, this kind of game was rife on the C64 market, and was being produced for mail order companies after the C64’s commercial death.

This never turned up as a full release, but then there is an arguement if its actually already complete or not.

Everything is here that you could possibly need for a pairs game, so if there were a later version, it must have something special to differentiate from this preview.

No credits known yet, but hopefully this won’t be too much of an effort to find out, because of how recent this preview is.

Another pair’s game which didn’t meet its match…

Contributions: Ramos

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