The Sporting News Baseball (C64) – Early screen

Contributor Mathew Chakko flagged up that “The Sporting News Baseball” game by Epyx Software in 1988 was advertised with a panel area that had a number of differences compared to the final game. Here it is:

Now compare to the screenshot from Gamebase64:

There is a MPH meter and also what seems to be a wind direction line too? Very minor differences from what was probably just a slightly earlier build used to screenshot. Interesting though to see :)

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  1. Having written this game, from what I can remember there never was a wind factor. I do see that the screen on the bottom has the coloring that I remember. Also the pitch count did factor into a pitcher’s accuracy as the game went on.

    • Thanks Michael, i’ll update the page. The top screenshot is an earlier version, so we were curious about the differences to the final released version (as seen in the bottom screenshot).

      Did you also do the graphics and sound for the game?

        • No problem Michael, and thanks. Apologies for asking, but can you recall any exact names of who may have done what? Just to submit full credits to Gamebase64. Completely understand if you are unable to recall.

    • Wow, didn’t know pitcher fatigue was a factor. Always wondered what level of stats were unseen behind the player ratings (baserunning speed? Home run power independent of batting average? Pitch velocity?) I’m sure I imagined differences that weren’t really there. Tried checking out PC version files with a hex editor but didn’t see anything interesting.

      Loved the gameplay of this. Bat on ball mechanism and results seemed better than any game that came out in the next 20 years. The aiming and timing really felt like they gave the right result. Only complaint was too many home runs, but often that made things fun. Tried to play a season as a kid and enter stats on an MS Works database. May have gotten through about 10 games for each team.

      • I cant remember all the factors. But know we had several for home run hitters, high average hitters, speed and fielding percentage.

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