Killing Game Show


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This was a fairly popular title on the Commodore Amiga back in 1990, and unsurprisingly a C64 conversion was rumoured.

The game was kind of a "Running Man" idea, with yourself controlling a ship in a platform/shoot-em-up affair.

As with Shadow of the Beast, we can only assume that a Psygnosis / Ocean combination was on the cards, possibly for the C64GS. This is based on rumours that Ocean were looking to get a C64 based license of the game.

As for developers, we assume that it isn’t the same as the guys who did Shadow Of The Beast, mainly because it hasn’t been mentioned by them in recent internet diaries of the past.

This may have just been an idea which was vapourware, but we need confirmation.

Can you help?…

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