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Kljuc (aka "The Key" in English) we believe is more of an educational program for children done by Suzy Soft. This game though is a rather simple Manic Miner style of game, with monocrome graphics – it’s got a nice feel about it though!

Although done for Suzy Soft (A ex-Yugoslavian, Croatia based software house), the game never saw a release. It did however get released for the Spectrum. The C64 version sadly was never to surface properly as Suzy Soft’s management was changing and they ditched the computer publishing department before the game could hit the shelves. The C64 version had some examples made, but that was sadly it.

The example version of the game did luckily make its way to Tomaz to transfer to TAP format and scan the inlays. Tomaz’s original excellent preservation work can be found at at his website here. You can also click the download link here to checkout for yourself. The game is not in english, but thanks to CBA a translation has been made and can now be downloaded. Secret Man and Dr Schnuggels also did separate cracks. One of which has been included in the download. Many thanks to these guys for making a workable D64 and English copy of the game!

It is a shame that the game never got a full release, but thanks to Tomaz, it has been saved. It won’t hold you for hours on end, but it is worthy of a look at a piece of history.

The original page from Tomaz can be found here.

All ready found and saved, and a case closed…

Contributions: Tomaz Kac, CBA, Secret Man, Dr.Schnuggels

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