Mario Is Missing


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A rarity this one… actually seeing Mario on the home computers. Released on PC and other formats, this was no action adventure like the games we all know, but a kids adventure title which you’d most likely find in a school or something.

Commodore Power magazine had the following to say upon news of its conversion… "Mindscape must have given Nintendo a huge lunch or something as it’s got the rights to use Mario for educational purposes – so you’ll be seeing the cheeky man appear on your Commodore 64 in the first game ‘MARIO IS MISSING’ – which deals with geography. At least you’ll pass your O-level plumbing exam!”

We’re not sure exactly how far this ever reached, but Mindscape already hadn’t released many of their planned titles and this seems to be an idea which never got past the planning stage. 1992 was when a lot of companies were starting to move to the 16-bit platforms sadly.

Of course, we will try and find out more, but it is going to be hard with no leads whatsoever. We’ll just have to hope that something turns up soon…

Do you know anything about this game?..

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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  1. I’m not sure about _this_ game, but there *is* an educational game by this title, on the NES, SNES and PC; There’s a little of a “Carmen Sandiago” essence here. Mario is captured by Bowser in a castle at the north pole, and Luigi must travel the world, recovering world treasures and returning them. Then Luigi can rescue Mario.

    • Yup, that’s the game that was apparently planned for a C64 release – though we highly doubt that anything was ever started. Would love to be surprised though :)

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