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Another very quick entry to the archives which has been highlighted by Hedning. All we know is that the game was a cartridge game that was due out in 1984 by Tigervision.

We know very little else at this stage, apart from that Tigervision did release a game called Espial. Sadly, there are no developer credits which could have led to clues about Matterhorn.

Mat Allen has shared a flyer that was present within his copy of Espial which shows Matterhorn being advertised, but not listing a C64 edition.

If you know anything more about this game, please do get in touch.

Contributions: Hedning

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3 Responses to Matterhorn

  1. Espial and Springer were also Orca coin-ops so Changes seems logical to also convert, it’s basically a combo of Pac-Man and Ladybug. I’ll mail you a photo of the flyer order form.

  2. I own Espial, I’m intrigued to know where Hedning saw mention of Matterhorn being released for the C64. Only because there’s a flyer cum order form in my copy of Espial and it lists Matterhorn as only being for the Atari. Nothing to say of course that Tigervision may have considered a Commodore version later on, but it would have been pretty tight as C64 Espial wasn’t out until 1984.

    Also on said flyer is a game called Changes, which IS listed as being for the C64 among other formats, and I’ve found no hide nor hair of that game in 20 years of looking, so presume that to be vapourware. I can scan/photo the flyer up if you’re interested for adding an entry for Changes?

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