2007 IR Gurus

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

It was a time where visual advances in games made it possible to bring comic book ideas to life in a way never thought possible. With a great movie that had been released just a few years earlier, Australian game developer, IR Gurus felt there was an opportunity to do a title on SIN CITY. Not covering the story of the movie, but events that would lead up to it.

Slope’s Game Room recently produced a brilliant video that tells the story of the development, which we highly recommend that you check out:

Daniel Ibbertson AKA DJ Slope got in touch with GTW and has very kindly passed on a mega ton of art concepts, and game design docs for the unreleased development game that was due for release by IR Gurus (later becoming Transmission Games) around 2007-2008. Daniel used a lot of the materials to help with his research and story telling in the video, and was given permission for us to put some of the materials on GTW.

So here they are in full, with a huge thank you to Daniel Ibbertson for arranging to preserve the history of this development. The wonderful art work was created by Simon Lissaman, Luke Kopacinski and Datsun Tran.  


Various documents that go through the plans for each of the areas for the game, as well as character concepts. The bible document is a research document that was probably put together from various online sources to use as guidance when designing the game.



Game visualisations

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