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Thanks to Martin/Stadium64 for the heads up – but on the back of MicroLeague Football’s manual, there were two more titles listed as being planned for release in 1991.

MicroLeague Basketball and MicroLeague Baseball – The Coach’s Challenge

Neither game would see release, though MicroLeague Baseball would surface with a slightly different name as “MicroLeague Baseball – The Manager’s Challenge” in 1991 for DOS.

It is plausible that code was started for both games on the C64, and probable that work was stopped when it was found the C64 market was drying up.

Could anything of the games be found? Were they also being developed by the same people who did MicroLeague WWF Wrestling?

More research needed!

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  1. I have various MicroLeague Baseball images ( a five disk version )
    Design: Barry R Morstain
    Stats: Paul J Kelly
    Programming: John I Graybill, James A Dorsman, Mark Adam Baum and Stephen L Cox

    • Cheers Darren – anything with “The coache’s challenge” or “The manager’s challenge”? That seems to be the version currently missing at the moment.

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