Monster Maths


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30/12/17 – Confirmation that game was released.

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Our next entry is a title is potentially one that was actually released, but could be so obscure that it hasn’t yet been preserved.

Monster Maths was a title to be released on the Commodore 64 by a company called Shards in 1985, and was reviewed in Your Commodore Magazine issue 08, receiving a reasonable score overall.

It seems that either the company went bust before its release, or not many copies sold.   The game did see release on the BBC Micro and Dragon 32,  so what happened to the C64 edition?

Well, thanks to Codetapper,  it has been confirmed the game was released and has provided a photo of the released game.  It is hoped we will see it preserved sometime soon!

Contributions: Sean O'Neill, Codetapper

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  1. Codetapper says:

    I have the original cassette along with another one called “Fun to Learn” from the same series. I will try and work out a way to get the image preserved (assuming the tape has survived) but i can supply scans of the tape and case in any case.

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