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Molecale was to be an arcade shoot-em-up to hopefully be finished by Video Images back around 1988/89 time.

The name of the game was coined by Wayne Sheardown, who was originally part of the Video Images gang of four – but he dropped out before the company was properly started. Sadly Molecale was never actually coded at all, and only exists as a set of example screens. The game was also planned for the ZX Spectrum.

The in-game was to be a sort of R-Type clone, but you could also choose the sector to play and trade with aliens to upgrade your ship.

Dean Hickingbottom has successfully managed to find what seem to be all of the mockup screens by David Bradley, showing the level selection, high score, in-game examples and possible title picture. Its a nice glimpse of what could have been, but sadly we will never see the game in full action!

TRIVIA: The swirl stars from the Molecale title picture were later used on the Exceleron loading screen.

Case closed?

Contributions: Dean Hickingbottom

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22/12/17 – More mockup screens found and added

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