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Whilst playing our next entry (which has been out there for a while it seems), something seemed very familiar.
The game has quite a Spore-like feel to it, but the main ship looked just like the one from Mutant Zone (Spore 2).

Comparing against that entry, and the resembalance is striking! The ship and the bullets are almost identical, but also the dimensions of the gameplay area match the description in Mutant Zone. This is dated about a year earlier, so is this infact an earlier incarnation of Spore 2 by Paul?

We tried to quickly confirm this – but there was no evidence in this preview that it was the same game (thanks to Vinny Mainolfi for checking). I am still confident that this is some kind of early incarnation.

There are no titles, credits or sound at this stage – and it isn’t clear if the preview can be completed. There are flashing objects throughout which we can’t seem to interact with.

Check it out for yourself for now, and hopefully we’ll be able to bring news very soon (we’re in touch with Paul).

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