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An educational game which might be out there, but has yet to be preserved. Or is it a title that never quite made it?

Monkeybuilder has a 256 word set, designed to increase spelling and vocabulary skills into 17 different work skill areas. The idea was to encourage children to combine word pieces correctly to form building blocks, and make a tree house for Marc (the monkey?). The advert shown even gives a screenshot. The other two games, Monkeymath and Monkeynews were released and can be found within Gamebase.

Thanks to one of our contributors within the comments, it has been confirmed that the game was sold – but just limited numbers it seems. A copy surfaced on Ebay in August 2023, and the game has now been fully preserved! See scans and download below.

Case closed!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Jeff Hoeksma

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Update history

  • 24/08/23 – Added download! Case closed!
  • 19/08/23 – Confirmation that the game was actually released, just MIA preservation wise. Also added scans and coder details from the box.
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  1. Ah, so it was you that snatched up this cheaply… Congrats. If I had seen it before you it would def been mine. I am trying to complete the Artworx library. Got their other Monkey game many years back, but this was a surprise to have seen been sold recently.

    • Thanks very much for confirming Jeff – good to see that this was indeed released. I’m guessing that because it is sealed, there won’t be any plans to digitally preserve?

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