Nuclear War

New World Computing

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

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Thanks to contributor Karl Kuras for the heads up. Nuclear War was a fairly well received strategy war game that was released on the Amiga and PC back in 1990 by New World Computing.

The game advertisement would however list the Commodore 64 (and Mac) versions as “forthcoming”, but predictably would never surface in the end. We assume that the Mac version never came out anyway – but feel free to correct us if we are wrong.

It is a game that could have translated well to the 8-bit, though it is likely that cancellation occurred due to the shrinking market at the time in the US. It could have done well though in the UK – so was it therefore other reasons?

Did the game ever get started at all? And if so – how far did it get?  All questions that need answers and which we hope to find out soon.

Contributions: Karl Kuras

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