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Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

An old case for GTW this time, with a game that seems to be a mixture of Ocean’s obscure "Tank" game and an old Codemasters game.

It’s not known if this game was being created for a specific company, or if it were to be created and then sent around various games companies. Its possible that this preview was sent around to companies to see if anyone liked it. Maybe no-one did?

The game isn’t actually that bad, it looks and feels like an old average budget game, though is slightly awkward to play and quite difficult.

Graphically the game is quite weak, and the backgrounds are quite plain. All possibly because the preview is at an early stage of the game’s life.

The game may have been completed further, but if the game didn’t get any offers, then they may have only completed up to this preview. Charles Haley recently passed on an extra preview which has a 3rd level and no password screen.

There are some credits, so hopefully we can chase up these names and find out more about this game.

Strange name, average game…

Contributions: Charles Haley

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