Pool Game

Beyond Belief

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

This isn’t actually the title of the game…. but the title at the time wasn’t decided when Beyond Belief were given an introduction to the pages of Commodore Force.

They had promise of many titles (Many with titles which sounded very familiar!), but unfortunatly Beyond Belief did not make a big enough impact on the market to stay as an established games company on the c64.

The game looked kinda good… though by the looks of things, it had an element of stripping, but the female stripper looked laughable and could hardly provide much thrill to sado’s who like the likes of Lara Croft being naked in Tomb Raider! :)

The game was based on Pocket Gal, but minus the digitised nude females :)

This may have been finished, or at least close to being finished. Jimmy did release Shellshock to Commodore Format, but the others remain uncovered. The game did look kinda good though.

Can anyone help with this one?…

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26/01/15 – Craig Wight confirms that he was not “The Ghost” and did not write this game.

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