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PT-109 was based around the World War II patrol boat that John F. Kennedy served on. An article in Commodore Magazine (Dec 1988) had the following to say:

“Spectrum HoloByte 6-1/128: PT-109, an amazing patrol boat simulation, is scheduled for September release. This authentic re-creation of WWII PT boat operations is top-notch. You have to deal with enemy submarines and aircraft, as you search for battleships and other mighty vessels.

If you’re a history buff, PT-109 allows you to perform 45 mis sions typical of the period. These assign ments can be day or night scenarios, and the more difficult ones simulate the early days of the war iwhen the lightly-armored craft didn’t always carry what it took to gel home). Your armaments include: torpedos, cannon, submachine guns, depth charges, etc. By the way, light rockets were actually used late in the war to pro tect the boats from air strikes.

You will also find them in certain game scenarios. The program also contains: four areas of action (New Guinea, Phillipine Islands, Solomon Islands and the Mediterranean Sea), four 90-degree views, detailed dam age reports, map displays, control panels and gauges, the ability to see things through binoculars, and the option to save a game in progress. You can even perform the same heroic mission in the Solomon Islands that made an unknown skipper named John F. Kennedy famous. PT-109 contains incredible graphics, great sounds and historical authenticity”

Although the game was released on the PC/Mac in 1987, the planned C64 conversion never surfaced unfortunately. The game was fairly well recieved – so it seems a shame.

We know little more at this point, but maybe you can help shed some light?

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