Claws of the Devil

1998 Titan Computers

Platform: Amiga 1200

Claws of the Devil is a late Amiga title that was in development back in 1998, and was a first person action game for platforms with expanded memory, additional graphics cards and PPC turbo cards according to Amiga Computer Studio.


However, other magazines would state that the game was to be more like Tomb Raider, with a 3rd person camera viewpoint and controlling a female protagonist called Teri Fletcher across 13 large levels.

The game would be set within London, December 1999 shortly before the turn of the millennium. The city has been plagued by gruesome crimes for several weeks with young women disappearing without a trace. Scotland Yard is at a loss, no ransom demands are made and no bodies are found.  After being kidnapped herself, it is now down to Teri to find out what has been going on and solve the mystery.

No further details were given at this stage, and all the screenshots shown only had background elements with no main protagonist or enemies in sight. It suggests that the game may not have got much further or to a playable state, and only the basic engine was coming together at the time.

Titan seemed to go into 2000, still releasing the odd Amiga game – but perhaps they scaled things right back when realising that the market was not particularly strong. In which case, did Claws of the Devil get very far at all or was it only ever a technical demo?

If you know anything more – please do get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the information and scans.


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